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Foreign Inheritance

Cross-border inheritance is an immensely complex process due to language barriers, distance, differing customs and regulations. However, CBSA simplifies the process and minimizes the need for client involvement. Simplification lies at the core of CBSA's mission to deliver legal certainty in the fast-changing and complicated world of foreign inheritance. It runs through everything we do – from our legal advice, estate and will planning, to how we service clients and manage our business. If you are set to receive a foreign inheritance, CBSA and its partners provide the full suite of services in one place.

Request a call and a CBSA local partner will get in contact and provide you with all the information on family inheritance you may need in your language. Depending on the jurisdiction and scope of services, CBSA may provide each client with a cost estimate in advance.

If you are happy with our offer, a local CBSA partner in coordination with CBSA partners in other countries will review documents, regulations, practice and provide you with a road map of the inheritance process. CBSA members will assist you in understanding all aspects of your foreign inheritance – what steps should be taken, how long the process will last, what taxes and other costs are payable. CBSA engages only partners and estate-planning attorneys with proven track records and can provide multiple options for clients. All members are subject to a rigorous vetting process to ensure CBSA clients receive sound and practical advice concerning their last wills and testaments.

CBSA members assist with collecting documents, locating property, reviewing inheritance documents, initiating inheritance proceedings, tax planning, opening bank accounts abroad, optimizing costs and liaising with authorities. CBSA uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver an efficient and quality service, exchange information, protect data and share knowledge. CBSA members will: collect documentation, locate property, review inheritance documents, manage inheritance proceedings, file for registration with the authorities, manage tax planning, open bank accounts abroad, deal with cost planning, optimize and transfer funds.

CBSA is available around the clock to answer your queries, provide updates and information in your language. CBSA is committed to keeping clients up to date at all stages of the process in line with best industry practices.

CBSA demands efficiency and excellence from all members of the network when dealing with clients' cases. CBSA will endeavor to transfer funds as soon as possible.

Estate Planning

Despite the common belief that estate planning ends with writing a will, it is actually a far more dynamic and extensive tool that extends beyond just the proper disposal of your assets. Before you write your last will and testament, a lawyer and trust attorney should be consulted. However, this step is just the beginning. CBSA can help you achieve your financial goals and objectives, with a holistic approach that includes tax, business and medical planning. Our experts can advise you about estate planning and an arrangement suited to you – whether it’s an inheritance from parents or family inheritance.

Request a call and a CBSA partner contact with you in your own language. You will be provided with an overview of CBSA services and the steps involved in this process. Cost estimates can be provided in advance.

Once you have given the green light, CBSA members and partners will start liaising in order to find the best possible solution for you. Each partner brings its own expertise to the table and together they can plan the way forward and justify that approach.

CBSA will take care of the entire process while ensuring to you’re your involvement to the bare minimum. You will be in control at every stage, and if you wish, you can monitor the entire process to ensure CBSA clients receive sound and practical advice concerning their last wills and testaments.


Explore the process behind our expertise



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