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CBSA is a global, integrated alliance of experienced multidisciplinary professionals – lawyers, tax consultants, estate planners, real estate brokers with a network that covers you no matter the country in which you are set to receive your inheritance. CBSA provides a comprehensive suite of services for families inheriting abroad.

All CBSA members and partners are versed in collaborating on complex cross border succession cases. Always available, they provide comprehensive client services worldwide through their firms and affiliates. All CBSA partners have a worldwide presence and deliver the highest service standards.

CBSA is dedicated to assisting clients with receiving their inheritance and navigating the legal and estate challenges in 15 jurisdictions the world over.

Nikola Tomašević


Nikola Tomašević is the founder and the president of the Cross-border Successions Alliance in addition to being founding partner at Four Legal Attorneys in Belgrade.
Having had extensive experience in dealing with business leaders in various areas of commercial law, Nikola has focused his practice on advising corporations and high-net worth individuals.
In addition to assistinghelping clients navigate through complex commercial law matters, Nikola alsomostly advises clients on private matters, including estate planning and wealth management. His experience in dealing with international clients gives him an in-depth understanding enables him to cater for many of clients’ needs for legal advice in often complex and demanding cross-border matters. As an all-round commercial attorney, Nikola spent a largefair portion of his career advising individual clients onin family matters issues related to their family and inheritance issues related to family businesses.
As part Nikola also worked at the Studio Legale Sutti in Milan, Italy. Within his practice, he advises a large number of international non-governmental organizations.

Practice Area

Inheritance Law



Dušan Maksimović

Secretary General

While working as an all-round committed Attorney at Law with over ten years of relevant working experience in domestic as well as international inheritance projects, Dušan has gained priceless professional knowledge in successions proceedings. As a logical consequence after being involved in legal practice, he has been appointed as a Secretary General of CBSA. His leading errands in our organization are primarily related to expanding of the CBSA network and communicating with both current and potential Certified partners. Along with his major assignment, he actively participates in decision-making on the overall strategy development of the organization with rest of the board members.

Practice Area

Inheritance Law



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